Gustav Klimt Collection

Manchesterartwork has put together this fabulous collection of Gustav Klimt prints who is one of the most celebrated Western artists for his depiction of love in his artwork with the most famous being The Kiss. His decorative imagery will bring out the romance in you and his rich decorative colours with his highly distinctive patterns with give you the luxury look in your interior home.

Gustav Klimt

Born: Baumgarten, near Vienna     Died: Vienna, 1918

He was famous for merging together symbolist imagery and impressionism with his distinctive, decorative patterns he created sensual desire. He was most famous for his portrayal of nudity and unconventional compositions. The most famous picture being, The Kiss of two lovers embraced in elaborate decorative clothes made up of patterns and motifs in gold leaf.

Klimt studied at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts and in 1888 was awarded the Golden Order of Merit by Emperor Franz Josef for his services to art. Klimt also painted many beautiful fine landscapes, however he was known for his portraits, aristocratic, and wealthy women.


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